Community support is the bedrock upon which resilience is built, and today, we are honored to extend our joyful thanks to the Roundhouse Foundation for their extraordinary donation of $12,500 to outfit and training our firefighters at the Row River Fire Response (RRFR).

Equipping Our Heroes for Success

The generous contribution of $12,500 from the Roundhouse Foundation is pivotal in outfitting our firefighters with essential gear and equipment. This support ensures that our dedicated first responders have the tools they need to protect lives and property effectively. From state-of-the-art personal protective equipment (PPE) to specialized firefighting tools, this donation enhances our firefighters’ safety and operational capabilities.

Empowering Through Investment in Safety

Beyond the tangible equipment, the Roundhouse Foundation’s donation represents an investment in safety and preparedness. It allows us to provide comprehensive training programs that empower our firefighters with the skills and knowledge necessary to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies. This proactive approach to readiness ensures that our community receives the highest standard of care during critical situations.

A Commitment to Community Well-Being

The Roundhouse Foundation’s steadfast commitment to community well-being is evident in their generous support. Their belief in our mission to safeguard our residents and property inspires confidence and unity within our community. This donation not only strengthens our emergency response capabilities but also reinforces the spirit of collaboration and support that defines our community.

Looking Ahead with Confidence

As we look to the future, the impact of the Roundhouse Foundation’s donation will resonate throughout our community. Their generosity sets a shining example of how collective action can make a profound difference in enhancing public safety and resilience. Together, we are better equipped to face challenges and protect what matters most.

On behalf of the entire Row River community, we extend happy thanks to the Roundhouse Foundation. Your generosity is more than a financial contribution; it is a beacon of hope and support that strengthens our community’s foundation.

Together, we will continue to build a safer and stronger future. Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to our firefighters and community.

With sincere gratitude,

The Row River Fire Response Board