Support for Row River Fire Response

Our goal is to grow into a resilient and prepared community to reduces the risk and impact of catastrophic wildfires on the life and livelihoods in the Row River Valley; to create a wildfire-adapted community knowledgable and actively engaged in fire mitigation including defensible space measures. Our strength lies in commitment of our volunteers, community groups, and government agencies who partner with us to safeguard the 25-mile stretch of Wildland-Urban Interface known as the Row River Valley. We are please to have the following support from these quality individuals, agencies, and organizations:

  • McKenzie Long Term Recovery
  • Locals Helping Locals, McKenzie Chapter
  • Dorena School
  • Dorena Parent Group
  • Child’s Way
  • Row River Christian Church
  • Grove Christian Camp
  • Dirt Cheap Copies

* Please refer to the active links to view individual support letters.

Thanks to these Community Organizations

Thank you Representative Charlie Conrad!

2023 House of Representative Courtesy.