Row River Valley Fire District Exploration Committee (RRVFDEC)

Meeting minutes: August 24 2022

Members: Scott, Will, Reta

Phone conversation with Paula Taylor of LCOG

Paula worked in Lane County maps office and is now a consultant through LCOG. Her specialty is putting together boundary maps and preparing for legal documentation. She is an excellent resource. She is giving us 5 hours of her time free to help us get started with the hard work.


Q: Would it be easier to annex into South Lane Fire and Rescue District?

A: Yes, simpler! It would be worth talking to them. Their problem will be the lack of substations. And we wouldn’t have to come up with financial figures for costs of station, insurance, any paid employees, trainings and recruiting of volunteers.

We could also annex into Row River Water District – If they are willing to take on the extra headaches.

Contracting for protection through another district is also possible. But we already know that the response time is 20 to 40 minutes. So, that is not a good option.

To annex with SLFRD without a vote would involve a petition signed by all property owners within the boundaries (because they ultimately would be paying the tax.)

To annex with a vote would involve a majority of all registered voters in area (plus maybe landlords) voting positive.

If we go with annexing with SLFRD, we know what the annual rate is ($1.80 per thousand in value) and might have the help of the entire district to support the cost of a fire station or two up here.

But They have to be willing to expand up here!

Lane County website has a page on annexations and forms.

To form a special district is essentially the same, except a local board would have the job of finance, decisions, etc.

Q: We are on the agenda for the EBoard to get start of funds. What should we do to promote our cause?

A: 1. Get lots of Community support! Even if we cannot get figures on what it will cost each homeowner, we will have the costs of boundary and property searches, legal fees, consultant fees, election ballot fees, etc. Money from the state would help pay for those.

In the long run, the community needs to be involved as much as possible. Before getting it on a ballot, to keep momentum going and before election to make sure it passes. Community needs to know how much it will cost, what they get for their money, what they can expect in the future, etc.

  1. Establish the boundaries.

Q: Should we use the school district boundaries?

A: No, those include private forestry land and they will vote it down.

Q: We have color coded a map noting all parcels with buildings. Should we include possible development areas?

A: Probably not. You cannot tell what will happen. And landowners can annex in or contract when they develop the property.

Q: Should we make a list of the lots we have noted on the mape with their tax lot numbers?

A: Yes and their addresses plus zone. That can help make an official boundary map for submission to legal counsel.

You must have a map and property values, legal descriptions to submit for either special district or annexation. Then we can determine revenue value vs. costs.

Committee Discussion:

Scott: Will contact EBoard to learn how and if we should lobby to improve our chances of getting the grant.

Walt: Will meet with South Lane Fire and Rescue District about their interest in annexation and possible routes.

Paula: Will search through public records for the failed Fire District attempt 25-30 years ago.

Reta: Will work on getting the map tax lot data together with another volunteer.

?            Proposed we have a Community Meeting at the School Wednesday, September 14 at ___ in evening. (Suggestions needed for best time.) The Eboard meets the end of September. It would be helpful to have a petition in support to show them. This would also be a great time to introduce a survey for possible support in volunteering as firefighters, spreading information, voting, etc.

?Could Devin and Beck arrange the meeting place?

?Could John provide a meeting agenda power point to keep all positive, informative and on task?

?We need a meeting prior to the Community meeting to determine how we share the information and include the entire community.

Please submit changes, etc. to Reta.

Changes: We did not get on the agenda with the EBoard.  So Community Meeting is postponed until we have further information to share.