9/29/22 Mission/Vision Statement Committee of RRVSFEC

Attendance:  Katherine, Kathleen, Reta, Walt, Jennifer

Walt talked about talking to the Lawyer who works with Center for NonProfits and invited the group to join the Zoom meeting next week. They want $5000 to $7000 but would be able to make sure all legal angles are researched.  Walt will provide Zoom meeting connections.

Walt also connected with Jordan Palock who is a consultant specializing in working with groups creating fire special districts or volunteer 501c3 fire groups. He has the background and templates that could save us a lot of time.  He charges $60 hour. Walt will ask for some references and see if he could attend or zoom (with) our next full meeting next month.

Kathleen came prepared with some grant for which many local individuals might be eligible for fire mitigation.  She will continue to look for more offerings while trying to write up some proposals.  Reta volunteered to help write proposals and look at grant offerings.

We talked about our personal goals for this group to help guide our search for words for a mission statement and vision.

First draft:


RRVFD is committed to create a safe community through prevention, preparedness, and effective fire, medical or other emergency response.


To build optimal safety in our community, we invite community members and partner governmental agencies to help us advance a community with the following attributes:

  • Protection from fire, medical or other emergencies is achieved through targeted, proactive risk-reduction strategies. When emergencies do happen, skilled personnel provide fast and effective response services.
  • Education is delivered to residents and businesses to encourage active roles in emergency prevention, preparedness, and resilience measures. 
  • Cooperative resource sharing and collaborative partnerships ensure a highly effective and efficient emergency response system

Added by Walt 

One thing we also discussed was if there are any other thoughts to add for the vision section to consider–please send your ideas or copy from other districts–we can edit down to something concise and delete any excess, redundancy, or clutter.

Katherine brought out vetted action words as a means of identifying the mission of our group. Although it is important for the board to ultimately vote on these measures, it was unanimous viewed that the following three items serve as the foundation of our mission: 


This word embodies the active fire protection measures of the group. Going out to actively put out fires. It also can be viewed as preventative measures in the reduction of fire fuel in and around the populated areas of our community.


Our goal is to preserve the community and lives from fire. This may also be applied to fuel reduction activities sought through grant funds. Preserve encompasses prevention of property damage and loss of life. It can also include the framework of resilience measures in case of a catastrophic fire – in the preservation of human hope and will.


Preparations serve the goal of optimal safety by providing risk-reduction strategies as well as evacuation strategies if required. It covers the education of the community and also the development of skilled personnel. 

Please make additions and changes as needed!

Thank you Katherine and Kirk for hosting.  The soup and wine were great! Cookies from Rita too!


Regular Meeting:  October 13 5:30

Reta will ask for a room at Dorena School to support Zoom call.

If unavailable, Katherine will host.  Notice will be sent within the next week.