11/7/22  RRFR  Minutes

Meeting with Stephanie from Center For NonProfit Law

ByLaw Design

Board of Directors

  • 4 to 10 voting members
  • 2 year term


  • majority of Board of Directors


  • President, vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
  • 2 year term
  • Elected by Board

Mission Statement

  • Added the word “education” so will cover the purpose question for IRS
  • Stephanie will send a copy of how she worded the statement.

Annual Meeting

  • 1st quarter of each year
  • Also use the meeting for strategic planning, fund raising plan etc.


  • Stephanie will send a copy of bylaws for our group. Walt will share with all to check out.
  • If we get the bylaws from her on time, we will discuss at the Thursday, 11/10/22 meeting.

Remote meetings

  • As long as all board members can see or hear the proceedings, it is considered a meeting.

Voting by email 

  • Stephanie will send a copy of the Oregon regulations on email voting. 
  • Still is a majority vote.

Organization Meeting

  • As soon as we have volunteers for officers!  
  • To be on Thursday, 11/10/22 agenda. 
  • Set the organizational meeting with Stephanie as soon as possible – Zoom? 
  • All need to attend.

Stephanie will facilitate the organizational meeting

  • Appoint the board
  • Decide on bank to use
  • Adopt bylaws
  • Elect officers
  • Receive EIN bank ID number

IRS 501c3 form submission

This could happen as soon as we complete the Organizational Meeting and pay the balance of their fee.  She sees that as possible in December and early in the new year we would get our official notice.

Until we receive notice of official acceptance, we can state we are seeking 501c3 status and that our lawyer sees no reason it won’t be granted. We are already an Oregon recognized non-profit.  All donations would be retroactive to October 27, 2022.  We should not represent our organization as a 501c3 until recognized by the IRS.  We are only registered as a nonprofit at the State level and a 501C3 is a federal designation.

If we could get another 501c3 organization to be our fiscal sponsor, we could write grant applications through them. ???

Discussion following meeting

Kathleen: Her colleague thinks he will be able to do the GIS mapping.

Reta: We have some missing data and hopefully he will be able to input and we can see them.

Katherine: Reta and I will meet on Thursday to hand check the list.

Kathleen posted an agenda page for Thursday’s meeting.  Please look at it! Add items you feel are important.

Walt  thinks he will have a needs budget  list assembled by Thursday for the ODF & Prozanski meeting.

Future meetings:

11/9/22 Focus and brainstorming 

  • Greg will present a powerful brainstorming session for creating, funding, and realizing a successful nonprofit.
  • Kathleen’s home, Wildwood Farm 4 pm

11/10/22 Regular meeting at Reinecke’s home  5:30 pm

  • Officers
  • Bank
  • Bylaws
  • ODFW & Polansky meeting plans