December 8, 2022 Regular meeting of Row River Fire Response

Attendance: Scott, Walt, Katherine, Kathleen. Jennifer, Reta. John (by phone)

Row River Fire Response, PO Box, 4, Dorena, OR 97434

Our “official” address

Zoom 12/20. Organizational meeting with CNPL

Be sure to look over bylaws prior to meeting

Board Training – Zoom. CNPL.  January 3 4pm 

  If we look over bylaws, will speed it up

  After meeting 1023 form for our non profit status


Greg Wobbe – GIS cheaper for him to buy info from LCOG 

Will donate the map work to us. We will provide a 501c3 benefit.

Is in discussion with county and LCOG already 

Kathleen learned that he isn’t providing legal write up for county

Legal description outlines the boundaries. – need to see if County will accept old one

Answer: not sure old 1987 will serve??? Legal 

Sunshine Club to hold a bazaar in May all funds will be donated to RRFR

Discussion of our meeting/Presentation with Commissioner Heather Buch 

  • She says they can help with funding after nonprofit status
  • Buch is on board – She talked to other departments to learn best way to get the funding
  • Will not submit proposal on her own because of political reasons
  • The commissioners will act if invited by community but not on own
  • Should be able to be our organized entity to funnel money and grants through – 

Fiscal agent

  • Will refer us to Charley Conrad – our new representative and Cedric Hayden Senator
  • Should also include Senator Prozanski in efforts (no longer our rep but was interested)
  • Annex with South Lane Fire? vs Rural Fire District?
    • they have to follow more stringent guidelines
    • Would cost more? Than a Rural Fire District?
    • We could still be a volunteer organization
  • Help us in immediate needs – she might find money for our startup?
  • Need to break down financial requests  to pull out cost to annually operate 
  • Office of Emergency Management -. May be able to forward requests through them
  • Invite commissioners to put on the ballot. –  cannot push her own agenda. Need request from Charley Conrad (Make sure his Chief of Staff takes notes)
  • Need to show community support. 
  • Comm. Buch wants to work through the county Policy Team who works with  Emergency and State Management Teams.  If any extra money, that will be the source for the county.  Steve Adams is head of the Policy Team
    • ELCOG for grant support. + Patence
    • Match money is important. Keep track of in-kind donations such as Greg’s work 
  • County Chief of staff can pass $100T to $150T without board approval — We could petition for two grants
  • “Gut and Stuff” bills – must be through Hayden and Conrad

If a vaguely written bill is written specific needs can be added in


Seems to be 2 prongs for our push = Lane County Commission – legislative 

Sounds like Alex Cyler debriefed her  – governmental manager for Lane County 

Scott will try to set up periodic meetings with Alex  — follow his suggestions ad directions

Suggested we cold call to Cedric Hayden 

Jennifer and Walt will reach out to fire contacts to get a meeting with Hayden

Because he has a reputation of helping fire districts

Platform – sell special district to right people

If can –  hone down presentation to 5 pages and then offer to visit in person

Initiate order from County to form special district 

Heather said are thinking to do for Pleasant Hill Goshen

Legislatures could ask county board to consider supporting

Kathleen – survey to show support ?- affidavit signed for support 

John – meet with fire trailer people on first – support them and bring on board

Small group Community meeting (Sunshine Club?)

Then offer to community – to see we have 15% support

Could use existing bases 1 to 3% for tax cost information

Meetings – Need a control for off task – need to stack meeting with supporters  

Check with CNPL for idea

Need to build community presentations – Goals

Fire trailer. January 

Sunshine Club. January or Feb  


Other Business

Incidental fees: mail box, printing,    Put out donation jars.   

Kathleen check for grants 

Sunshine Club? – (loan advance) to $500

Katherine’s Angel Donor – $250 donation to open account (Thank you)

Communications committee





  (Maybe others to work on) – ways to help

What should we putting up on our website now Ask CNPF


Ways to help. – communications team


Maps and media

Fire reports

General video of Walt of mission and purpose. Walt introduces the topics. 


  • Later 
  • List of supporters
  • Donation button when time comes
  • Survey 
  • Submit support letters/ sign list and address. Yes and no

Next Regular Meeting:  January 12, 2023, 5:30pm  at Reinecke Home

Special Meetings


  • Zoom 12/20. Organizational meeting with CNPL
    • Be sure to look over bylaws prior to meeting
  • Board Training – Zoom. CNPL.  January 3 4pm 
  •   If we look over bylaws, will speed it up
  •   After meeting 1023 form for our non profit status

Reta Cochrane – Thank you Kathleen for sharing your notes!