Oregon Statutes guide the foreclosure process and isn’t subjective.

Taxes are considered delinquent if not paid by May 15th  of each year. (Oregon Revised Statute 312.010) Once taxes have remained unpaid for three years the foreclosure process begins. The process can be stopped if certain conditions are met in making payment of taxes owing.  The foreclosure process is a six year process.

Know the Facts

The number of homes in Lane County is 167,496

2023 Data indicates 20 homes were foreclosed (Percentage rate: 0.01194058% ), however, in 2023 alone double that amount, 43 homes, were destroyed by fire.


LANE COUNTY offers solutions to keep people in their home, avoiding foreclosure.
FIRE does not give such considerations.

The careful assessment of your foreclosure risk to your fire risk may also save lives … and one of them could be yours:

MEDICAL CALLS in South Lane County: 5000
MEDIAL CALLS in Eugene: Estimated Monthly

Faster response by a local medical technician can cut the response time by half.  Arriving within the first critical minutes in a medical emergency saves lives.

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