Fire costs a community more than their homes, they lead to higher taxes.

Provided by Lane County Assessors office.

The latest tax assessment for properties affected by the Holiday Farm Fire has been calculated. The graph above clearly illustrates that when a fire strikes, it can have devastating effects not only on residents who have lost their homes but also on the demographics of the community.

The Blue Columns are taxes based on NEW CONSTRUCTION assessments verses the Orange Columns are based on PREEXISTING CONSTRUCTION.

Fire destruction has both immediate and long-term impacts on families, including those who are fully insured. As homes burn, year after year, it displaces economically vulnerable households and erodes the historic value and culture of a community. As observed in the McKenzie Valley, properties are being purchased for new construction, and as this pattern continues across local landscapes, it ultimately affects the assessed value of the area, impacting both new and existing buildings with increased taxes.