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Response training covers accidents, medical emergencies and more. Resident tax can be 33 cents to an average of a 1.25 a day. These safety measures saves lives. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a bad tax deal for our community. This benefits applies to all human life within the Row River Area. The life the is saved could be yours, your spouse, your children, your grandchildren … or a stranger.

Receiving faster assistance to an accident, medical emergency or fire saves lives.

About Row River District Satellite Fire Stations

How are Satellite the Stations Funded?2024-03-15T13:52:23-07:00

The satellite stations funding is thanks to the generous donations by Weyerhaeuser and Woodard Family Foundation. (These buildings are basic portable cost-effective buildings.) The property owners have donated their property on a 5-year lease of $1.00 annually.

Where are the Satellite Stations Located?2024-03-15T07:31:34-07:00

The Satellite Stations will be located in Disston, Rat Creek, and Shoreline. (Shoreline location TBD) on leased properties for $1.00 a year for each location.

What Consideration was given to the Locations of the Satellite Stations?2024-03-15T07:31:00-07:00
  1. The stations are near active firefighters and are positioned to provide the quickest response along the entire Row River area.
  2. These satellite stations are being built to the minimum ISO standards to secure that each resident in district is within 5 miles from a fire station (thus lowering ISO scores that have a direct impact on your property insurance.)


Volunteer organization for and by the Row River Community in Disston, Culp Creek, and Dorena.


Safe community through prevention, preparedness, and effective emergency response.


United, our community grows stronger, facing challenges with strength and determination.

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