Public speculation and rumors have been left unchecked due to the influx and status of the developing timeline and services of the proposed Row River Fire District. We are pleased to confirm the latest developments:

The goal of the proposed fire district is the protection of life and property within the Row River Valley community. We are following a proven path to successfully meet this goal with the following: 

Fighting Structural Fire:

We are equipping our firefighter volunteers with knowledge, skills, training, techniques, and tools. This will benefit the entire community including those who volunteer.

  • RR Volunteer Firefighters are in training to respond to structural fires in the standard capacities including exterior defense, transitional attack, and interior firefighting in accordance with NFPA, DPSST, and the Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines of any authorities having jurisdiction. 
    • RR Volunteer Firefighters have begun extensive training, Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 training continues in January 2024. 
    • Specifically, regarding interior firefighting, our trained firefighters will be certified in the use of SCBA and provided with the necessary equipment and support, (such as ‘2 in 2 out’, RIT, apparatus, etc.).  
    • Of note, there is an exception to the ‘2 in 2 out’ rule when the responding certified firefighter determines that there is a life in danger (rescue), so that rescue operations can be undertaken urgently when necessary.  
    • During the transition period while our volunteers are in firefighter 1 training, they will respond to structural fires and provide exterior, transitional, or defensive attack depending on fire conditions and other variables.  

Emergency Medical Response:  

A group of volunteer firefighters are receiving EMR training and certification.  Official EMR response services for our valley will begin in 2024.  (Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) provide immediate lifesaving care to critical patients who access the emergency medical services system. EMRs have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide immediate lifesaving interventions while awaiting additional EMS resources to arrive.)

  • All of our volunteer firefighters are certified in CPR and AED (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillator).
  • Recognizing the current lack of rapid response for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in our community, and with the support of SLFR, Before December 2023, we will be responding for urgent CPR calls within our community, providing CPR until SLFR ambulances arrive on scene.  

Wildfire Response: 

Thankfully ‘wildfire’ season has officially ended for the year. However, our volunteers are here to also respond to vegetation or debris fires as they occur.  With changing weather patterns, increased risk for fire can happen at any time of the year. Having trained and equipped responders in our area provides security and peace of mind.

Vehicle Fires: 

To prevent major risk to life and property by quick decisive response, RRFR will respond to vehicle and other non-structural fires in increasing measures as the scope of certification and standard-operating guidelines expand.  Proper fire suppression is required to prevent spreading into surrounding land and community. 

  • Vehicle fires are Class B Fires: Liquids & Gases. If you think there is a fire under the hood or trunk, do not open it. This could cause the fire to grow. Move everyone at least 100 feet from the burning vehicle and well away from traffic. Call 911. 

The photo above, taken 10-22-23, was at the end of the firefighter training for fire stream structural attack techniques.   

Please support the continued progress to the formation of the Row River Rural Fire Protection District by voting “YES” in May 2024!!

You can expect to see our volunteers more and more over the next few weeks.  We anticipate full  ‘roll out’ of the services described above in the first few weeks of November 2024:  structural and wildland fire response, vehicular related fires, and emergency CPR response.