To find out how much this will cost for your property go to

    1. Property Search – Lane County

    1. Accept Lane County’s policies. 

    1. Enter your street address in the search area.

    1. Click on the Tax Account Data number.

    1. Find your Assessed Value under 2022 or 2023 on the 1st line of the Valuation History box.

      1. Multiply your assessed value by .0024. For example an assessed value of $120,000.00 would result in a tax of $288. 

    1. You can also find your assessed value on your last property tax statement.

* Make sure to use your Assessed Value NOT the Real Market Value.

** Need help figuring this out? Contact us at and one of our volunteers will be happy to walk you through it.

Click here to use an online calculator Long Multiplication Calculator