Yes! RR Firefighters are certified and have been fighting structural fires starting January 2024.

RR Volunteer Firefighters are in training to respond to structural fires in the standard capacities including exterior defense, transitional attack, and interior firefighting in accordance with NFPA, DPSST, and the Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines of any authorities having jurisdiction. 

  • RR Volunteer Firefighters are currently fighting structural fires.
  • RE: Interior Firefighting: RR firefighters are being trained and certified in the use of SCBA and provided with the necessary equipment and support, (such as ‘2 in 2 out’, RIT, apparatus, etc.).  
    • There is an exception to the ‘2 in 2 out’ rule when the responding certified firefighter determines that there is a life in danger (rescue), so that rescue operations can be undertaken urgently when necessary.  
  • During the transition period while our volunteers are in firefighter 1 training, they are responding to structural fires and provide exterior, transitional, or defensive attack depending on fire conditions and other variables.  

This FAQ was updated March 15, 2023